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9 backpack essentials when walking your dog this summer.

Written on July 1, 2020 by Healthful Pets

Summer is prime time for walking trips and exploring the great outdoors. Since our dogs are members of the family, we’re always looking for ways we can include them too.

But when it comes to walking trips with your pooch, there are some special considerations you have to bear in mind, it's not quite as simple as just 'pack up and leave.'

Here are 9 backpacking essentials to ensure you and your dog have a fun and safe walking trip this summer.


Be sure to pack plenty of water for both you and your dog. Hydration is the number one priority here. While exercising in the heat you’ll both be thirstier than normal, so you may need to pack more than you’d expect. Dogs need to drink up to 50% more in hotter climates and you certainly don’t want to run out when you are miles away from anywhere. Try the Slurps range of organic drinks for dogs that provide a fresh alternative to plain water in a convenient pouch for walking. Available in both chicken and beef flavours.



Collapsible Bowl / Doggy Water Bottle

Ensure your dog has an easy way to get a drink. The best space-saving option is a collapsible bowl. You can whip it out on-the-go to ensure your pooch stays hydrated. Why not check out our Beco Dog Travel Bowls. Alternatively these great water bottles from H204K9 also do the job.

Doggy First Aid Kit

A doggy first aid kit is a must in case your furry friend has an accident while out and about. You don’t want to be caught out in the middle of nowhere without any medical means. The kit will have a few essentials so you can help your dog feel better until you can see a vet.

Essentials to include are:

Colloidal Silver or Leucillin. Ideal for insect bites and cuts.

Natural Dog Company Skin Soother. A natural antibiotic topical treatment for cuts, rashes, abrasions, burns, wounds and dry, itchy and irritated skin.

Diet-Dog Skin Relief Spray. For minor injuries such as cuts, insect bites and stings, hot spots.

Diet-Dog First Aid Gel. Ideal for sprains, bruises and sore muscles.

Hemp by Hownd, Skin, Nose & Paw with added sun protection protects, soothes and moisturises all year round.

Dorwest Garlic Juice for Use. For all those little day-to-day first aid moments to clean up scratches and minor abrasions.


You may come across difficult terrain or hot surfaces while out walking. Booties can help protect your dog’s paw pads from burning, cuts and scrapes. Just be sure to pack spares in case your dog loses one, and ensure your dog is comfortable with them on before your hiking trip. Alternatively, you could try the Natural Dog Company's Pawtector that provides a layer of protection to your dogs sensitive paws that helps against hot and uneven surfaces.

Cooling jacket/Cooling bandana

The sweltering heat can be extremely tough on dogs as they can’t regulate their temperature as well as we can. Help your dog stay cool with a cooling jacket or bandana, like this reversible bandana by Dogsnug.

Dog towel or Drying Coat

If your dog gets wet and muddy after a fun-filled day exploring, you’ll be grateful for a dog towel. Pack a towel so you can wipe off dirty paws before you settle down in the tent for the night. Or for something quick what about Hownd Yup You Stink Dog Wipes or Biogance Cleansing Wipes. Or why not try a super absorbent Ruff & Tumble Dog Drying Coat to get your pooch dry quickly and easily.



Doggy sun protection

If you’re not careful your dog’s skin can burn in the summer heat. Dogs with white or thin coats are more prone to burning, so make sure you pack some non-chemical doggy sun cream to protect their skin. Pay special attention to sensitive areas like the nose, ears, belly and around the lips. Try and distract your dog whilst applying to stop them from licking it off to give it a chance to soak in.

Hownd Playful Pup Skin Nose and Paw Balm has an SPF Equivalent of 12. Natural Dog Company Snout Soother has an SPF equivalent of 9.

Head lamp

A head lamp will allow you to keep an eye on your dog during night-time toilet breaks. It’ll also come in handy inside the tent when it’s dark and you’re getting ready for bed.

Dog coat 

Temperatures can drop during those summer nights. If your dog doesn’t have thick fur, bring a doggy jacket or a blanket to ensure they stay warm.


Have fun this summer and make sure you and your dog are safe.