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Cat Grooming Tips – Everything You Need to Know!

Written on November 24, 2020 by Healthful Pets

Does your cat have a bit of a dishevelled coat? Have their claws grown to the point that you can hear them clacking about in the next room? Sounds like it’s about time your cat has a good groom!

In this blog, we’re going to cover some fantastic cat grooming tips, along with detailed advice on

  • Brushing and Coat Care
  • Dental Care
  • Nail Trimming
  • Bathing

We’ll also be covering why it’s so important that we fulfil our cats grooming needs and how our fantastic products at Healthful Pets can prove to be a game-changer.  So, let’s get started and learn everything we need to know about keeping our cats clean and healthy!

Do Cats Really Need to be Groomed?

There’s a common misconception that cats simply don’t require grooming. After all, they frequently clean themselves!

While this is true, our cats can’t handle everything on their own. For example, have you ever seen a cat brush their teeth? Willingly take a bath? There’s plenty of situations where we, as responsible kitty parents, need to step in!

Even coat care, which cats are widely believed to be perfectly capable of caring for by themselves, may need some extra attention from us humans. Long-haired cat breeds struggle a lot with matting and trapped debris within their coats, because the amount of hair is simply too much for the cat to deal with on their own.

Additionally, senior cats commonly run into coat problems, due to age-related health issues such as arthritis making it much harder to self-groom.

To summarise, many of our cats need extra help staying clean and tidy. A lack of grooming comes with many nasty health issues, so it is important we take care of all their grooming needs!

How to Groom Your Cat!

Here, we’ll cover four main aspects of cat grooming. These are coat care, dental care, nail trimming, and bathing. While not all of the above may apply to your particular feline, there’s bound to be a few that you should take care of regularly.

So, let’s take a look at the ins-and-outs of each!

Brushing and Coat Care

Keeping your cat’s coat well-brushed and tidy will prevent nasty knots and tangles from forming, remove debris, and promote healthy skin. Additionally, many cats enjoy a good brush!

While you may get away with not brushing a short-haired cat regularly, it’s still recommended that you do so as it helps to remove loose hair and keep their coat in top condition.

To start, check over your cat’s coat for any knots or tangles. If you find any, you should focus on these first, as catching them while brushing can be painful. We have a guide to removing mats here!

Once you’re sure that any major tangles have been taken care of, you can brush your cat from head to tail, being sure to brush in the direction the hair grows.

Remember, a high-quality comb will make all the difference! The Ancol double-sided cat comb has wider teeth on one side to help detangle, and finer teeth on the other to help brush thoroughly.

Double Sided Cat Comb

Dental Care

Teeth in cats are often neglected, even though dental disease poses many health risks and can be seriously painful. With proper dental care, we can prevent such issues from ever occurring.

We have plenty of dental care products available to help you clean your cat’s teeth. One of our most popular items is the Bogar Cat Dental Hygiene Combo, which includes a high-quality finger brush and tooth-cleaning gel. Everything you need to get started!

To clean your cat’s teeth, apply a small amount of gel to the brush and use circular movements to clean the outside and inside of their teeth. Getting them used to the feel of the brush and taste of the gel beforehand will help tremendously!

Bogar Dental Products for Cats

Nail Trimming

Many cat owners shy away from nail trimming, as they don’t want to do it wrong and cause their cat pain. However, having overly long nails can be just as painful and uncomfortable for your cat!

To trim your cat’s nails, you can gently massage their paw pad to help extend the nail. Then, simply snip the sharp tip off. Be careful to avoid the quick, the pinkish area of the nail, as this is what will cause pain. Again, it can be very helpful to get your cat used to the feel and sound of the trimmer beforehand!


As many of us know, the majority of cats detest baths! While it isn’t usually a necessity, if your cat has gotten themselves very dirty on one of their many adventures, a bath is recommended.
To help ensure that the bath goes smoothly, it can be prudent to try and tire them out beforehand. Get them playing and engaged with their favourite toy! Once they’re more docile, it’s time to get this over with!

First, give them a good rinse, taking care to avoid getting any water in their ears or eyes. Then, we’d recommend massaging WildWash Pet Purrfect Cat Shampoo throughout their coat. As a natural solution, it’s perfect for our kitties. It even contains a catnip infusion to make bath time more enjoyable for your feline!

After rinsing out the shampoo, you may also wish to use a conditioner such as WildWash Conditioner, especially if your cat is long-haired!

Finally, dry off your cat and give them a big reward for getting through bath time!

Cat Grooming Tips: Let’s Keep Our Cats Clean and Happy!

By following the above tips and giving our cats a good groom regularly, we can help them to stay healthy and living their best life. While they can certainly make grooming more difficult than it needs to be, it’s more than worth it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article! Remember, if you need more cat grooming tools or supplies, we always have high-quality cat grooming products in stock and at a great price. Be sure to check them out!

We wish you and your furry feline all the best!