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Dog Travel Sickness

Written on April 13, 2018 by Healthful Pets

With summer here and holidays planned with their pets, all too often motion sickness can make, even a short trip, stressful for both your pet and you. Find out what you can do to help.

What are the typical signs of travel sickness?

Some typical signs of dog travel sickness include; restlessness, panting, whining, excessive drooling, yawning, vomiting and listlessness. Generally dogs will outgrow motion sickness but some dogs won’t and may need assistance to make their journey less distressing.

Dog Travel Sickness - How to Stay Calm when Travelling
For those dogs and cats who find it is the motion of the car which upsets their tummies even though they are not anxious, Dorwest - Digestive supplement is ideal if given two hours before travelling to settle and soothe the stomach. This supplement, for dogs and cats, contains ginger and valerian to calm the digestive tract, rhubarb and peppermint to aid digestion and soothing and comforting slippery elm.

Dog travel sickness
Dorwest Digestive Supplement 100 tablets £9.30 and 200 tablets £16.20

Travel Anxiety
Often a common cause of motion sickness in pets can be anxiety, apprehension or even excitability rather than the effects of car motion, especially if your pet isn’t used to car rides.  If your pet needs a little more support to make their journey less stressful, then consider the following supplements to aid relaxation:

Dog Travel Sickness

Dorwest - Scullcap & Valerian 100 tablets £11.20, 200 tablets £19.60 500 tablets £40.30
Dorwest - Organic Valerian Compound 30 ml £10.70 and 100ml £24.90
Hilton Herbs - Tranquility Powder – 60g £8.80 & 125g £16.75
Diet’Dog – Stress Relief Paste (15 ml) - £11.99

Healthful Pets Calming Support Liquid (120ml)

Healthful Pets Capsules (50) £21.99

Pet Remedy Calming Spray and Plug-In Diffuser contain a blend of essential oils to help calm the nerves of anxious pets. Use to settle your pet prior to a journey.
Dog Travel Sickness

200ml Spray - £16.50
15ml Mini-spray - £6
Diffuser - £18
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