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Keep Your Dog Hydrated this Summer with Water-on-the-Go!

Written on July 1, 2020 by Healthful Pets

When you are 'out-and-about' ensure you always have water available so your dog never becomes dehydrated... 

Dogs do not sweat like humans and therefore dogs will dehydrate much more quickly. So, you should always have water available to quench their thirst.

Dogs cool themselves through their tongues (panting) and the pads of their feet. So if your dog is panting, their tongue is hanging out, drooling excessively or looking lethargic then these are signs of an overheated dog and signs of dehydration. And also don’t forget, if the ground is warm, then dogs cannot cool down through their feet and dogs with darker coats will also absorb more heat than lighter coats.

Stylish Dog Water Bottles

Especially designed by H2O4K9 for dogs on the go with a patented lid for dogs to drink from. Made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel with a toxin free polypropylene screw top lid and a food grade silicone gasket to keep the bottles water tight. With a durable clip making it easy to fasten to a rucksack or belt plus it will fit into a water bottle carrier on a bicycle.

Available in two sizes 270ml (£5.99) and 710ml (£9.99) and the colours of black, blue, pink and green.

You can also buy a stylish yet practical Neoprene bottle holder to match (£7.49).


Collapsible Dog Bowls

This Beco collapsible travel bowl is tough and durable, made of toxin-free, durable natural silicone which is flexible enough to collapse for easy storage and water-on- the-go.  Dishwasher friendly. Available in three colours and sizes; Large 22cm £9.99, Medium 18.5cm £6.49 and small (14.5cm) £4.49

Another option is the Ezy Dog Fold-a-bowl. This lightweight, portable dog travel bowl by Ezy Dog is ideal to provide your dog with food and water on the go. The dog bowl packs down flat to be able to fit into a rucksack of bag or can be attached using the handy clip. Ideal for whether walking, camping, cycling, going to the beach or working, this foldable bowl enables your dog to eat and drink wherever you are.


See our full range of dog travel accessories here.

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