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Getting a Puppy?

Written on January 26, 2019 by Healthful Pets

 Getting a puppy? Not quite sure what to buy or where to start? Then don't worry, we have your back!

Here at Healthful Pets we have plenty of suggestions to help with the arrival of your new puppy...

Preparing for a puppy can be stressful, but we have a range of products ideal for your puppy to make buying easier. So have a read before your new family member arrives...


It is really important to get the right food for your puppy, this may mean trying out various options available to find the right one. Try to make sure you feed them species appropriate food as this will help their immune system and overall long-term health. Ideally feed raw food but if this isn't an option then try and feed the best food you can.

We sell a range of high quality dog food which is made with all-natural, human grade ingredients with a high meat content.



Next you will need to make sure your new puppy eats in style! So why not consider an eco-friendly Beco Dog Bowl made of rice husks with their unique designs.


Puppies can gobble down their food, especially in the presence of other dogs, which could lead to health issues; so a good choice would be a Slow Feed Dog Bowl to promote natural eating habits as your dog has to forage for his food.


If your pup is a bit of a messy eater, try a Beco Placemat to put their bowl on. This ensures food time is always in the same place, and you don't have to keep cleaning the floor at meal times!


Dog Treats are really important for training and rewarding your new puppy, so it is important to get ones that your pup will love every time! Always make sure the treats are suitable for puppies when purchasing.

Try Barker and Wild Pro Dog Training Treats with 80% salmon, trout and white fish or alternatively Barker and Wild Pro Training treats with Chicken, Duck & Turkey.- both freshly prepared and gently cooked to preserve nutrition for more natural goodness. Fresh ingredients can’t usually be included in dry pet foods because they contain too much water and fat. However Barker and Wild's unique process means they can use fresh ingredients while preserving natural goodness

Lily's Kitchen Chicken & white Fish Slices for Puppies 60g, are also another great choice. These tasty puppy treats were created especially for little mouths and tummies which makes them just the thing for your pup’s training. They are the perfect size for for little mouths and they are also exactly what the teacher at puppy school calls ‘high value training treats’ which means they’re extra delicious and brilliant for positive reinforcement when training.



Another important area to consider for your pup is grooming as as you may find your pup getting into some mucky situations on walks!

At Healthful Pets we only sell grooming products made of natural ingredients. Consider brands like Wildwash Dog Shampoo for sensitive coats, puppies and kittens, a simple, mild and fragrance free for extra sensitive skin, aloe vera and evening primrose oil combine to gently cleanse, soften, re-hydrate and protect or Puppy Love Shampoo by Wildwash with Lavender and Patchouli.

Alternatively, our HOWND Playful Pup Conditioning Shampoo is super sensitive to maintain the natural oil balance of your puppy's skin and coat or Dr Mercola's Organic Lavender Shampoo for Dogs which is designed especially for dogs with sensitive skin, and features organic herbal extracts and luxurious moisturisers that won't upset your dog's skin.

All the 4-Legger range are also suitable for puppies.


Finally, not forgetting dental hygiene. Did you know over 80% of dogs have early stages of gum disease by age three? So this is best time to get your dog used to regular brushing.

We sell a great range of dental products and you can find out more by reading our blog on Dental Care for Dogs. Start off slowly to build up trust. Dental chews (natural of course!) are also great natural toothbrushes.


Toys are really important to keep your dog entertained in the early stages. If you're worried about your puppy chewing with those sharp puppy teeth, then make sure you have plenty of chew toys on hand! Have a look at our great range of natural toys and chews to provide great ways for your dog to chew safely and healthily through the teething phase.

Try Puppy Antlers and Extra Small Chew Roots by Green and Wilds. For dogs that love a stick try a Green & Wilds Olivewood by Green & Wilds.


All dogs love to play fetch, which is also great fun for all the family, whilst teaching your dog rules of play. Beco Ball on a Rope and Hoop on a Rope (both available in three colours) can provide bonding time through play and fetch between you and your dog.

To view our full range of Puppy products, please click HERE.

If you are getting a puppy anytime soon, we really hope this blog will have been of some use to you and if you have any queries about any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team by emailing or calling 01565 740777.