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Green & Wilds- Choosing The Right Chew Toy

Written on January 25, 2021 by Healthful Pets

Green & Wild's are all about natural, healthy and honest stuff for pets.

They love pets and their tummies too, so they only use the best ingredient and materials that are gentle and caring.

Many use the word "natural", but  Green & Wilds really believe and follow in the values behind that word, not many do ......but they do.

Green & Wilds have a full range of toys for the smallest to the largest dogs. For those that want to play, toys for throwing, tugging and those for general chewing.


Green & Wilds fully expect dogs to chew the toys, that is why they chose to have them stuffed with jute, being a natural fibre, rather than that nasty white fluffy stuff that can clog a dog’s stomach. Obviously no toy is indestructible and that if it becomes damaged to the point of being a choking hazard it should be removed.

Green and Wilds have a great selection of durable, natural sustainable eco toys, but how do you decide which  chew toy will be right for your dog?

This blog gives you further information on how to decide.



Toys for Puppies

Generally speaking it is advisable to only let a puppy have a toy for short periods of time and then remove it from them; this is basic training to ensure that the pup doesn’t become fixated and that he knows you are the boss and can take things from him at any time.

Green & Wilds current guidance is that no dog should be left alone with any toy or chew and this is particularly true for a puppy that is justlearning.



They also suggest to customers that if their dog is likely to chew through the rope attachments (some do some don’t) then go for a toy without.

Choose from chew toys such as Green & Wilds' Carlos the Crab, Barry The Banana or Mike the Mouse for the smallest of dogs.


Hard Wearing Toys

The Bone Buddy is a luxury soft suede dog toy by Green & Wilds that has four layers of sustainable jute, a natural plant fibre twin stitched over a recycled cotton and jute rope, and then covered in a soft suede making it a stylish toy for you and your dog.

The Jute funny bone dog toy   also has four layers of jute twin stitched over a recycled cotton and jute rope, with a small patch of split leather.

Both of these are great toys for interactive play, toys for throwing, tugging and general chewing, dogs can have hours of fun with them.

The Hardest Wearing Dog Toys


The hardest wearing toys are the Derrick the Donut, starfish, green bone and pinkie bone.

These are tough and long lasting. They are made from compressed felted jute and do tend to hold up better than the others.


For example a Staffordshire Bull Terrier could take about 4 weeks to totally destroy the green bone whereas the  rope ball could be demolished within a few minutes!