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How to be an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

Written on June 4, 2019 by Healthful Pets

We often hear about the small changes we can make in our everyday lives that can make a big difference to our impact on the environment. As a pet owner, there are also a number of steps you can take to care for the environment as much as you care for your beloved pets.


Walkies without the drive

Going for dog walks locally in a nearby park or field rather than driving somewhere is just one of the small changes you can make to your daily routine to reduce your carbon pawprint! Plus the added walking to and from the park will add on those extra steps for both you and your pooch.

Eco-friendly pet food

Whilst the majority of pet owners feed their pets a meat-based diet, choosing brands such as Beco Pets and Edgard & Cooper who source their meat from sustainable sources and use recyclable packaging can make a big difference. It also helps to choose food made with lower impact meats like chicken and rabbit rather than beef, which has a much larger carbon footprint. If your cat prefers fish based food, make sure the fish used is MSC certified sustainable.

Go chemical free

Many grooming products such as shampoos and sprays, as well as flea and tick treatments are full of harsh chemicals that can poison wildlife as well as polluting rivers and oceans. Using natural alternatives to chemical based flea and tick products means none of these nasty chemicals are making their way into the environment.

Natural shampoos are also a great alternative with simple ingredients and essential oils that are kind to your pets skin and can work really well for pets with sensitive or itchy skin.

Eco-friendly dog toys

Next time you fancy treating your pet to a new toy why not look at some eco-friendly options? Brand such as Beco Pets and Green & Wilds offer a great range of eco-toys at great prices. Buying toys made from recycled and recyclable materials is a great way to do your bit for the environment whilst treating your pet!

Buying toys that are made from sustainable materials such as natural rubber and plant fibres which are bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates free also means you don't need to worry about your pet ingesting any chemicals whilst enjoying their playtime.


Disposing of waste

Did you know that if you use on average 3 poop bags a day for your pet that is over a thousand plastic bags a year going to landfill?! Whilst using biodegradable poop bags is a great option, it is also good to question when you could be using an alternative method to clear up your pets waste.

When at home you could try using a poop scoop and either burying thewaste or putting in into a compost heap. Alternatively you could flush it but please remember not to flush cat waste as sewage treatment systems are not equipped to treat the parasites found in cat waste.

Sustainable packaging

Finally, buying treats that are produced in recyclable packing is another small change you can make to help the planet. Many brands such as Edgard & Cooper are now using 100% biodegradable materials for their treat packaging, printed with water based inks (no chemicals) which makes them fully compostable. Why not even have a go at making your own pet treats now and again and freezing them or storing them in a reusable container to keep them fresh, a great way to avoid unnecessary packaging.