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Is Your Dog Prone to Skin Problems?

Written on March 1, 2021 by Healthful Pets

If your Dog is prone to skin problems what might help?

This week’s blog was written in response to a customer’s question regarding her pug Alfie (pictured), who is prone to skin problems.  

Skin problems are an increasing problem for our pets, especially for those animals like pugs, which have a lot of skin creases around their faces. Skin folds create a favourable environment for bacterial growth, leading to irritation, inflammation and a foul odour between the folds. Skin problems can be related to your pet’s internal health and immune system.

Whilst a dog’s body will detoxify harmful waste products (from day-to-day environmental pollutants, poor quality food or the chemical products which are applied to the skin) through the liver, kidneys, the gut and the skin, once the liver and kidneys become overburdened, the body will attempt to detoxify through the skin, hence skin and coat problems including allergies which can emerge.

So here are a few suggestions to consider……

Nutrition and food – the state of your pet’s skin and coat is therefore a clear reflection of your pet’s inner health. Ensuring good quality, wholesome dog foods, essential fats including omega-3 fats and including plant nutrients such as nettle and milk thistle, can all support immune health and skin.

Whilst hygiene is really important, what is also helpful, is ensuring that skin creases are kept clean and dry, avoiding irritant chemicals in some animal shampoos and putting a natural barrier on the skin that has natural antibacterial properties.

Organic coconut oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and can be applied to the skin like a cream. It is suggested by holistic vet Karen Becker ( that coconut oil can reduce skin flaking and improve the integrity of the skin, making it more resistant to yeasts and bacteria.

Colloidal Silver liquid or cream is another natural based product that can be used to wipe skin creases, or can be applied as a cream as it adheres well to the skin. It also has the benefit of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It kills germs by binding to and destroying proteins in them, preventing them from multiplying. Colloidal Silver is being used increasingly in human wound and skin care and in one study with pigs with inflamed skin, resulted in near normal skin after 24 hours use.



Plant extracts including comfrey, geranium, burdock and calendula are all reported to have soothing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, so consider trying this Skin Balm from Dorwest.




Healthful Pets supplies a range of natural products to support skin and immune health since these are inter-related, such as:-

Herbal Skin Support                                                      

Healthy fats and omega 3 support (view full range here)

Anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial topical skin products

Natural Shampoos to support dry itchy skin which are free from parabens, sulphates, petro chemicals and other chemical nasties.


If your pet’s skin becomes red, swollen, infected or irritated, do contact your vet straight away.

This is the link to products to help with skin and coat