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Keep Fit with Your Pets

Written on March 3, 2019 by Healthful Pets

Lots of us decide that January is the time to turn over a new leaf, eat better, exercise more and generally take better care of our well-being, so why not get your pets on board this year too?

Involving your pets in your efforts to keep fit can make it much more enjoyable and give you that extra motivation to get up and active! Our pets are also great at improving our mental well-being, boosting our mood and helping us to de-stress.

Getting Out and About

Running is a very popular way to keep fit with your pet. Dogs love a good run-around and taking them along will be sure to make the exercise much more enjoyable! If running is not your thing then why not try upping the pace on your dog walks? Power walking is a great way to keep fit without exerting the pressure onto your joints that comes with running. Covering that extra distance will also keep your dog in great shape too!


Whilst out walking or running in the winter be sure to be safe and be seen by using a collar light for your dog.

The Scarab Uno is a RED, powerful, high quality, rechargeable, waterproof LED Beacon designed to keep you and your dog safe.

Scarab is designed so that you are able to fit the light directly on 25mm wide collars and harnesses using its clever and unique "open arm" design.

The Uni-Strap accessory is also included, an easy to use Velcro strap that allows you to attach Scarab onto wider collars and harnesses at no discomfort to your dog.


A treat or poop bag pouch can also be ideal when out exercising with your dog if your sports gear does not have pockets. The Beco Poop Pocket uses a unique bungee system to attach to almost any lead, strap, belt or bag.


Activity Toys

If getting out in the cold wind and rain isn't your cup of tea then why not invest in some new activity toys to keep both you and your pet moving throughout the winter months. Indoor play can be a great form of mental stimulation for your dog and is brilliant for practising training exercises. Getting your pet to work hard doing half an hour training can often tire them out more than going for a walk.

For dogs, treat dispensing toys such as the award winning Zogoflex Qwizl which is great for challenging dogs and stimulating their senses. Perfect for mental exercise and alleviating boredom on rainy days. Soft toys can also be ideal for scent training, playing hide and seek with your pet and using as a reward when practising training exercises.

Indoor play is also especially great to keep cats active during the winter months as they spend much more time inside. Toys filled with catnip will stimulate your cats sense of play through touch, sight and smell!

Healthy and Nutritious Food

Having a high quality, well-balanced food will keep your pets in great shape as well as giving them all of the energy and nutrients they need to keep going through the winter months. Ideally feed your dog a species specific raw or home-cooked diet, but if this is not appropriate for you then buy the best food you can, containing a high percentage of REAL meat, vegetable and other human grade ingredients.

Edgard Cooper and Clydach Farm dog foods all contain fresh meat and fish, gluten-free, and are made using sustainably sourced and high-quality ingredients. With various options including chicken, turkey, salmon and wild boar there is an option for every dog and you can choose an option to suit your dog lifestyle and specific needs.

Why not also use the new year as an excuse to try some nourishing new treats for your dog or cat that will also benefit their health?  Treats made of all natural ingredients such as liver for shiny coat, beef treats as a source of protein, or even carrot and pumpkin for dogs healthy skin and digestion or lobster to maintain your cats bone health.


Keeping your pet moving in the winter months is especially important for pets with stiff joints. Avoiding hills, walking on even surfaces and walking at a gentle pace will help ensure your pets do not injure themselves this winter whilst out and about. Joint supplements can also be a useful addition as well as topical ointments to help sooth aching joints - such as TLC lotion, Muscle Magic and Basic Elements Joint Rub.

Other supplements can also be introduced in order to keep your pets healthy throughout the winter including immune supporting supplements and supplements to help maintain a healthy skin and coat in the cold weather.

We hope that this blog has been useful to you and has inspired you to keep yourself and your pet fit this winter. If you have any queries about any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team by emailing or calling 01565 740777.