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The Potential Health Benefits of CBD for Pets

Written on May 31, 2018 by Healthful Pets

As dog owners look for alternative ways to support their pets, CBD has become an increasingly popular choice. CBD comes from the cannabis plant as but contains none of the psychoactive compounds in THC, the substance that makes you feel ‘high’ found in marijuana.

CBD is effective due to its effects on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD interacts with the ECS to help promote homeostasis in the body regulating our mood, sleep, memory, immune function, and pain through supporting healthy cellular communication.

The pet industry is awash with CBD oils, treats and tablets that can give our dogs a better quality of life. But what can CBD really do for our dogs?

Fear and Anxiety
Dogs can experience anxiety in many different ways. And just like humans, anxiety can differ in severity from one dog to the next.

Anxiety can be brought on in certain situations. This can occur around loud noises such as thunderstorms or fireworks, but it can also crop up in social situations around new people. Anxiety can also be behavioural, CBD has been found to be effective for behavioural issues such as separation anxiety or for hyper dogs at a low dose (Dr Karen Becker, 2019).

In simple terms, CBD enhances the body’s natural ability to produce the mood stabiliser serotonin. By increasing your dog’s serotonin levels, you’ll reduce their fear while lifting their mood. CBD has also been found to be an effective treatment for epilepsy in dogs, with one study from Colorado State University finding that 90% of dogs given CBD experienced reduced frequency of seizures (Dr Karen Becker, 2019).

Arthritis and Joint Pain
CBD has been known to help with arthritic pain and mobility issues as our dogs age. Because CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties, this can help reduce inflammation and swelling around the joints.

Numerous studies have revealed the positive effects of CBD on joint pain and arthritis in dogs. In a study by Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine (Forbes, 2018), over 80% of dogs studied showed significant improvements in their pain levels and quality of life.

Eases Cancer Symptoms
CBD cannot cure cancer in dogs, but it can help ease symptoms and make life easier while they go through treatment. A loss of appetite, stiffness, joint pain and general discomfort are all common symptoms of cancer in dogs. Yet it has been found that CBD can increase a dog’s appetite, reduce nausea and help with aches and pains caused by inflamed muscles and joints with regular use.

CBD oil can also help to support the immune system when fighting cancer (Simply Pets, 2018). CBD oil helps support the immune system’s killer cells and helps kill cancer cells by blocking their ability to produce energy (Dogs Naturally, 2019).

CBD is also an anticonvulsant, which can help control seizures, spasms and tremors that often occur in dogs suffering from cancer. It can help your dog feel more comfortable while they’re on the road to recovery.

Eases Gastrointestinal Issues
CBD has been known to calm the digestive system and bring it back into balance. It can help control your dog’s nausea and speed up recovery from vomiting and diarrhoea. This is all thanks to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to calm inflammation in the stomach and intestines after bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea.

Due to these anti-inflammatory effects, CBD is often used as an effective natural remedy for other gastrointestinal disorders such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Dogs Naturally, 2019).

Which CBD Product to Choose?
CBD is processed either as an isolate or as a full-spectrum oil combined with other related cannabinoids. CBD oils made with full spectrum extracts sourced from hemp plants such as this one from Hempine for pets are thought to be more effective than cannabidiol-only oil.

An alternative to the oil is Hempine Ground Hemp powder infused in organic coconut oil for superior CBD absorption. This CBD can be added to your pets food once or twice daily.
Hempine recommended that when using their products it is best to begin with a low dose and increase incrementally every few days until effects are observed. Each dog will require their own optimum amount of CBD.

Hemp and marijuana are two common strains of cannabis, hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and therefore CBD products for pets are used sourced from hemp (Dr Karen Becker, 2019). Hemp treats such as these from True Leaf Pet are rich in hemp leaf and ground hemp seed whilst also being a great source of omega-3 fatty acids with green tea and chamomile for natural calming support. With 70% fresh chicken and turkey these are a great way of getting even the fussiest of dogs on board.

These treats are also available with added green lipped mussel powder and turmeric, ideal to support and maintain healthy joints.

If you’re interested in trying CBD foryour dog, always consult your vet before starting a new treatment plan.

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