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Your Survival Guide For Walking A Dog In Rainy Weather

Written on October 17, 2018 by Healthful Pets

Taking the dog for a walk through the glorious summer days is something we all adore. But when autumn comes along with its lashings of rain, it’s not always fun and games. Here are a few tips to help you embrace and even enjoy those soggy walks with your pooch.

For some people, walking in wet weather is the main downside of owning a dog and often becomes a dreaded chore. And while you could be lucky with a dog that prefers to stay indoors until the rain stops, others love a good romp around in puddles. Meaning you’re dragged outside in the cold, wind and rain whether you like it or not!

But your rainy dog walks don’t have to be a nightmare. Preparing yourself both mentally and physically will have a huge impact on how you view those rainy strolls. Here are a few tips to help you embrace and even enjoy those soggy walks with your pooch.

Prepare the area 

Before you leave, take a moment to place everything you need for your return just inside the front door. You don’t want messy paw prints all over your floors while you clamber around to find towels and such. You may even want to run a bath before you leave the house, so you can bathe your dog immediately you get home. Ruff & Tumble Drying Mitts are a great help as well.

If you need to shampoo your muddy dog then consider and an all-natural one. At Healthful Pets we sell a great range of natural dog shampoos.

Lay out a big bath mat and grab a couple of doggy towels. You may want to prepare a hairdryer too, but if you do use one, make sure you use a low heat setting and keep it a safe distance away to avoid burning your dog.

You’ll no doubt be keen to get dry too so you can settle down with a hot drink. To save on towelling down time, you could try a drying coat that will dry your dog quickly and keep them warm. The Ruff and Tumble is the ultimate drying coat with a double thickness natural towelling that dries dog fur with minimal effort.



Wear the right gear

It seems like an obvious suggestion, but you’ll have a much better time if you wear the right clothes and footwear. Ensure you have a warm, waterproof jacket and suitable shoes such as wellies or walking boots. And if it’s not too windy, take an umbrella to help keep the rain off your face. Rainy walks can be an absolute joy if you have the right gear to keep you dry. It can almost feel cosy!

Your dog may appreciate a warm, waterproof coat too. By using a doggy coat you’ll also have less fur to dry when you get home. But bear in mind not all dogs will tolerate a coat. If they’re happy out in just their fur, go with it.

Stick to pavements

You’ll both be less muddy if you avoid grassy parks and walkways. If you do head to the park to let your dog run off lead, just be sure to rinse the dirt off when you get home. Any dried debris and mud could stick to your dog’s coat and irritate their skin.

Embrace the wet

Instead of feeling miserable about taking your dog out in the rain, turn it into a positive. Prepare yourself mentally before you leave and accept you’re going to get a little wet. But then think about how warm and cosy you’ll feel when you’re back home in dry clothes. You could even allow yourself a reward like a piece of your favourite chocolate as something to look forward to.

Consider staying indoors

Some dogs simply don’t like walking in wet weather and can find the whole ordeal stressful. In which case they may prefer staying indoors to play a few games like the Outward Hound jigsaw Glider, hide and seek, or find it..

You could even use the time to brush up on your dog’s obedience training or teach a new trick. If you both dislike being out in rainy weather, there’s nothing wrong with doing some mental stimulation until the weather brightens up.

Dry your dog off properly

It’s important you dry your dog off properly after wet walks. Yeast and bacteria thrive on damp skin which can cause infections and uncomfortable itching. The Ruff and Tumble drying coat fits snug to your dog’s body and absorbs moisture quickly from the fur. Your dog will be dry and warm in minutes with no need for endless rubbing down.