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Joints & Mobility

The musculo-skeletal system is comprised primarily of bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and muscles. It provides structural support enabling the body to move and these are the parts of the body that can suffer most from mechanical wear and tear, injury and inflammation.

Healthy joints make movement easy and pain-free. However there are everyday factors which can affect this. There will be those dogs which are under pressure from their daily routines such as working dogs or those that regularly enter competitions. Your dog may be recovering from surgery or your dog may have sustained the odd unavoidable bump no matter how well your dog has been looked after. There are also the natural effects of ageing which take place over time. All these can ultimately affect your dog's musculo-skeletal system and its mobility.

At Healthful Pets we sell a range of natural supplements which contain natural ingredients which help maintain supple joints and promote joint flexibility and cartilage health to enable your dog to remain as active as possible. We also sell a range of soothing gels and lotions for topical application.