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Dr Mercola Canine Hormonal Support and Whole Body Glandular Support for Male or Female dogs

Dr Mercola Canine Hormonal Support and Whole Body Glandular Support for Male or Female dogs

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Buy this great value pack of Dr Mercola Canine Hormone Support with a choice of either Dr Mercola Whole Body Glandular Support for Male dogs OR Female dogs. 

Dr Mercola's Whole Body Glandular Support and Canine Hormone Support are very different products. Canine Hormone Support (for dogs only) provides the building blocks for supporting healthy hormonal balance and endocrine function in de-sexed dogs that are already showing signs of hormonal imbalance. Whole Body Glandular Support (for dogs, cats, and ferrets) provides the actual animal glandular tissues to gently support the healthy functioning of all of your pet’s glands and organs, endocrine system included. If however, your dog is already showing signs of hormonal imbalance, then it is recommended giving both Canine Hormone Support and Whole Body Glandular Support. 

Details for the two products are detailed below:

Dr Mercola Whole Body Glandular Support (113g):

Dr Mercola’s Healthy Pets Whole Body Glandular Support provides your pet with a unique formula of 17 different freeze-dried glandular concentrates. This is the first complete customised formula for female pets. There’s simply nothing like this out there. Dr Mercola recommends Whole Body Glandular Support for:

  • Spayed and neutered dogs, of any age, to promote endocrine balance
  • Intact dogs, of any age, to support overall health
  • Cats and ferrets de-sexed or intact, of any age, to support overall health
  • Dogs, cats, or ferrets who could use extra support for any specific gland or organ, especially liver, kidney or thyroid
  • Older pets experiencing cognitive decline

How Glands and Organs Can Support Health: The glands and organs of animals can contain a wide array of hormones, enzymes, and nutrients that aren’t found in muscle meat:

  • Low doses of hormones for supporting a normal hormonal balance
  • Pancreatic enzymes from pancreatic tissues to help digest food and absorb nutrients
  • Endocrine enzymes from endocrine glands to support the normal production of hormones
  • Enzymes from multiple glands and organs to support overall health and well-being
  • Lipids and steroids to support health (heart, spleen, liver, and kidney tissues are an excellent source of Coenzyme Q10)
  • Phospholipids, omega-3s and other fatty acids from brain tissue to support brain health
  • Amino acids and peptides to support glandular and organ health

Is it any wonder that an animal in the wild would devour their prey’s glands and organs first? I believe it’s one of the finest examples of an animal’s instinctive sense of knowing what their body needs… For a canine or feline in the wild, a prey’s organs and glands are truly the pride of the hunt. No doubt, these nutrient-dense organs and glands have played a major role in the “survival of the fittest” for thousands of years. During this same time period, humans have also valued the use of organs and glandulars for health. With the discovery of “glandular therapy,” they found that the glands or tissues from healthy animals could provide their own bodies with nutrients, enzymes, and energy for repair and maintenance. This “like supports like” strategy is based on the concept that when another human or animal consumes the gland or organ tissue concentrates, these healthy, intact components can supply his organs and glands with the building blocks they may need.

The glandulars in Dr Mercola’s Whole Body Glandular Support come from the tissues of government inspected, hormone- and antibiotic-free, range-fed Argentinian-raised cows and pigs. The glandular material, which is a by-product of the grass-fed meat industry, is immediately frozen and then vacuum-dried to maintain its biological activity.

You may find other glandular support products out there, but you won’t find a complete customised formula for male and female pets. Naturally, male and female animals have unique needs. Females have ovaries, and when they are spayed, they lose these precious glands that produce the sex hormones they need throughout life. Likewise, male animals lose their testes when they are neutered.

Dr Mercola’s Whole Body Glandular Support provides that extra support for these missing glands in both males and females. With Dr Mercola’s proprietary Whole Body Glandular Support, your pet receives 16 or 17 different glandular concentrates, depending on if you choose the Male or Female variety

  • Liver
  • Cerebrum
  • Stomach
  • Kidney
  • Heart
  • Lung
  • Pancreas
  • Spleen
  • Duodenum
  • Thyroid
  • Adrenal
  • Thymus
  • Pituitary
  • Hypothalamus
  • Lymphatic Ovary (female version only)
  • Testes (male version only)
  • Prostate (male version only)


Dr Mercola Canine Hormone Support (90g):

Adapted from the protocol of the world’s top endocrinologist, Dr Mercola Healthy Pets Canine Hormone Support helps you balance your dog’s hormones and counter the hormonal effects of spaying and neutering, as well as potentially dangerous estrogen-mimicking chemicals.

Backed by solid research, this formula which is made with all human-grade ingredients is recommended for:

  • Any age dog (male or female) who has been neutered or spayed (at any age) and has symptoms of sex hormone imbalances
  • Intact dogs who may be suffering from a hormonal imbalance or adrenal stress 
  • Any dog (intact or de-sexed or sterilized) that has been exposed to excessive xenoestrogens or environmental contaminants

The only commercially available product of its type, Canine Hormone Support, is made with 

HMR lignans from Norway spruce, melatonin and Diindoylymethane (DIM) from cruciferous vegetables to help:

  • Balance cortisol and other hormones 
  • Lower strong estradiol estrogen levels 
  • Support beneficial estrogen metabolism 
  • Rebalance endocrine systems, including the adrenal glands


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Price From: £45.49 £41.99



Dr Mercola is the founder of Mercola.com which is the most visited natural health website with over 1.5 million subscribers.

Dr Mercola is also a bestselling author and is passionate about natural health.

Dr Mercola is not only passionate about human health but is also pet health and has set up HealthyPets.Mercola.com in 2009 with Dr Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian.

Karen is passionate about feeding species-appropriate nutrition to pets as it is her belief that the right nutrition is the foundation for good health and a long life.

The Mercola team has developed a number of excellent pet products including supplements, grooming products and accessories for dogs and cats.

They are the very best quality supplements on the market which go through very stringent quality control measures.

They are not widely available in the UK, but we felt these products should be made available for you to buy.


Glandular Support:


Canine Hormonal Support:






Dr Mercola Glandular Support - MALE:


Dr Mercola Glandular Support - FEMALE:


Dr Mercola Canine Hormonal Support:

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