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K9 Organics

Organic dog shampoo and conditioners made with certified organic and natural ingredients. Ideally for all dogs and puppies. Cruelty Free.

Natural: K9 Organics is 100% Natural ​

Organic Made in Cheshire with over 98%. Certified Organic Ingredients, the remaining is simply water! They love dogs and support nature.

Health Conscious: K9-Oraganics pride themselves on their commitment to sourcing the most natural components for our formulations. K9 Organics will never use anything harsh. They only use natural ingredients.

Earth Friendly The health of dogs & sustainability are their priority and the reason K9 Organics was created. Their mission is to produce the best and most effective grooming products which bring health benefits whilst causing the least amount of damage to the environment in the making and usage.

Sustainable: K9 Organics shampoos are proud to be sustainable and 100% Natural. Our bio-degradable shampoos make K9 Organics eco-friendly and earth-friendly and ensure you have a sustainable choice when selecting your dog grooming essentials.

Bio-Degradable: K9 Organics is made from nature and can go back to nature safely. Formulations are bio-degradable.

Naturally Kind: K9-Organics use no artificial fragrances and hand-blend selected organic essential oils with our shampoos. This makes them suitable for all dogs, especially delicate puppies, and sensitive types.

Inspiring Change: K9-Organics want to inspire people to consider the benefits of organics and make the change to a healthier, more sustainable way of life. It will be one of the most beneficial decisions you make towards improving the health of yourself, home and dog. Making the wise choice to support nature by choosing eco-friendly products "won't cost the earth". Small changes make great things happen!