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Cat Grooming, Dental & Hygiene

  • Cat Shampoos & Detanglers We sell a range of cat shampoos and cat grooming products, all of which are natural and chemical free.
  • Hygiene & General Care A great range of natural and chemical free cat hygiene products such as products for gentle cleaning...
  • Dental Care for Cats

    Healthy teeth and oral hygiene is an important factor in your cat’s overall health as is nutrition....

  • Brushes & Combs Here at Healthful Pets, we have a range of brushes and combs to help leave your cat's coat look clean and tangle-free!
  • Cat Litter Trays and Clean-up

    We sell litter trays and litter scopes made of unique plant fibre plastic, making it strong but all-natural...

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We sell a fantastic range of completely natural and paraben-free grooming products for cats. PH balanced formulas, which are kind to your cat’s skin and coat leaving your cat happy and smelling lovely!