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Meet the Team

Kay Johnson BA (Hons), Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist (Dip CNM)
I am a practising Nutritional Therapist, after studying for three years at the College for Naturopathic Nutrition in Manchester. I have two boisterous Labradors – Pepper and Barney and an Asian Tabby called Kitty. Whilst I have had cats for more than 20 years, it has only been in the last few years, due to work commitments, that the time was right to have dogs. Having had an interest in nutrition since my late teens, it is only since studying nutrition that I have had an increased awareness that food and product choices can impact on the health of animals and that there are natural alternatives to consider for certain conditions and ailments for my pets. Having only recently had dogs for the first time, I was amazed at the huge array of products available, however I was disappointed at the lack of choice when it came to finding natural feeding options, BPA free toys and other “more healthful” products. I shall look forward to sharing my knowledge and learnings through our product selection and the information shared on our website in our blogs, newsletters and Healthful Guides.


Sue Wallwork - RGN, Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist (Dip CNM)

Like Kay, I am a practising Nutritional Therapist, mother of two healthy children and owner of two beautiful Shih Tzu dogs - Ollie and Benson. I have loved and owned animals for most of my life and it was through experiencing illness in one of my children and later on, in one of my dogs, that I discovered the importance of complementary medicine and the use of nutrition, homeopathy and supplements, in rebalancing and supporting health. Sometimes improvements in health seen after complementary intervention are seen as ‘placebo,’ but with animals who do not have an imagination as such, I feel it is unlikely that the benefits to their health of a more holistic approach is ‘placebo.’

It was around the time that my beautiful Shih Tzu Maudie developed skin cancer that my interest in a more natural approach to animal health grew. I was fortunate to be educated on the enormous benefits of raw feeding by a very experienced and well informed canine nutritionist Ros Walters and have also observed great health outcomes in my animals after holistic/complimentary veterinary care.

My awareness of the effects of what we eat, drink, apply to our bodies and surround ourselves with, increased enormously during my naturopathic nutrition training. It concerned me greatly that the negative effects of poor food choices, pesticides, toxins, and plastics could not only compromise my family’s health but that of my pets too! And whilst there is much in the environment we cannot control, we can have some control over what we choose to put in the mouths and bodies of ourselves and our pets. Through education and sharing of knowledge, our family members and pets can enjoy better/improved health and I am hoping that the products and information provided in our Healthful Pets website will make a real contribution to this.

Stephanie Redfern - BA (Hons), MSc, Marketing and Operations Executive 

I have recently joined the Healthful Pets team after graduating from Manchester Business School with an MSc in Marketing with Retail Marketing specialism. I have loved dogs from a young age, frequently offering to dog sit for family and friends. I am now lucky enough to have a very bouncy one year old Cockapoo called Tess who definitely keeps me on my toes! 

Through Tess I have learnt a great deal about the pet industry and dog products in particular, an ever changing and fast growing market which I am now pleased to be a part of. Since graduating it has been great to put my marketing degree into practice working for Healthful Pets managing our marketing and social media platforms as well as assisting in the day to day running of the business. 

Andrea Martin-Smith - Operations and Customer Service

Andrea joined Healthful Pets in September 2017. She has a house full of pets including a 6 year old Golden-Doodle called Georgie, two cats, Bramble who is 17 and Zelda who is 3, as well as a bearded dragon and two fish, one of which is 13! 

Andrea's role at Healthful Pets is predominantly in the warehouse picking and packaging the orders as well as stock management. She also assists with customer service issues and business operations.