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  • Health & Supplements

    The Health of our pets is very important. There are now an increasingly number of supplements and...

  • Cat Treats

    We sell a range of tasty, all-natural, healthy cat treats from brands such as Natures Menu and Thrive.


  • Cat Toys

    Cats love play-time. At Healthful Pets we sell a range of natural cat toys – such as cat teasers,...

  • Cat Collars

    We sell a small range of unique, high quality, hand-crafted cat collars, which have been imported...

  • Cat Grooming, Dental & Hygiene

    We sell a fantastic range of completely natural and paraben-free grooming products for cats. PH balanced...

  • Cat Bowls & Cat Feeding Accessories

    Our cat bowls and cat feeding accessories are all non-toxic and made from natural ingredients. Our...

  • Cat Scratching Posts

    We sell a number of Cat scratching posts made of seagrass and with sisal refills.

  • Cat Fleas, Ticks & Worming

    We sell a number of natural alternatives to repel fleas and ticks and the natural control of intestinal...

  • Cat Calming

    We sell a number of cat calming products including natural supplements and herbal remedies to help...

  • Kitten

    A carefully selected range of products which are suitable for kittens including natural foods and...

  • Catnip A range of catnip cat products.
  • Cat Brands View our range of hand-picked cat brands, that will provide the best for your cat.

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At Healthful Pets we have carefully selected a range of natural, high quality and safer pet care foods, treats, accessories and healthcare supplements, without harmful chemicals. Our products have been sourced from the UK, Europe and America to offer you what we consider are the best natural products available on the market. Many of these products are not readily available on the high-street or on-line, and some are only available to buy through ourselves.