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Gifts for Dogs

  • Gift Boxes Our range of pet gift boxes have been carefully selected from a list of high quality pet products. When...
  • Dog Blankets Soft blankets are ideal for your dog to be comfortable at night and to snuggle up with
  • Dog Toys & Chews Dogs love play-time. Many of today’s dog toys today contain chemicals in the plastics that dogs then...
  • Christmas Dog Treats

    We sell a large range of tasty, all-natural treats. We have something for every dog…for dogs...

  • Stocking Fillers for Dogs Stocking Fillers for Dogs
  • Dog Collars & Leads We sell a small range of carefully selected, unique leads, collars, harnesses and accessories not readily...
  • Dog Coats We sell a great range of dog drying coats which are perfect to keep your dog warm after a wet walk or bath time.

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Healthful Pets are proud to offer a selection of healthy and premium gifts for dogs. We carefully select all of the dog presents for our website ensuring that your pet can enjoy a safe and enjoyable playtime.

We have only the finest selection of dog toys, dog chews and treatsluxury dog accessories for your beloved pet. No matter what the occasion is, we have the perfect dog gift to make every tail wag!