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Dr Mercola Complete Probiotics for Pets (Powder) - 90g / 30 servings

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Dr Mercola Complete Probiotics for Pets (Powder) - 90g / 30 servings

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Dr Mercola’s Complete Probiotics for Pets is a powerful way to support your pet’s gastrointestinal health.

This remarkable product brings together over 10 powerful strains of beneficial bacteria that are most effective for promoting optimal gastrointestinal health in dogs and cats, supports the immune system function of your pet by helping to remove toxins and supports the production of B vitamins especially folic acid and biotin and vitamin K.

Each serving provides over 38 billion bacteria (when used by the expiration date printed on the package).

Simply mix each portion with food, once a day.

For just pennies per day, you can take an important step toward supporting your pet’s digestive system and help to support their immunity.



 Dr Mercola Complete Probiotics

 Bowel health is one of the top 10 reasons owners bring their pets for healthcare. Supporting your pet’s gastrointestinal health is a key factor in helping to make sure your pet is living the best life possible.

The remarkable Complete Probiotics for Pets: 

  • Brings together over 10 of the most powerful strains of beneficial bacteria that are most effective for promoting optimal gastrointestinal health in your cats and dogs
  • Provides over 38 billion bacteria in every serving when used by the expiration date printed on the package
  • Supports your pet’s immune system function by helping them remove toxins
  • Is a powerful way for you to help offer your pets a happy and healthy life
  • Supports your pet’s production of B vitamins, especially folic acid and biotin, and vitamin K
  • Probiotics can put your pet on the path to better health… as long as you choose one that delivers all that it claims.

 With Complete Probiotics for Pets, you can take an important step toward keeping your pet’s digestive system happy and thriving and help to boost their immunity.

 "How You Can Help Keep Your Pet's Digestive and Immune System Happy and Healthy"

 Total probiotics formula benefits your pet with 14 beneficial bacterial strains

When it comes to the health of your pets, especially keeping their sensitive digestive systems happy and working well, there is one option that is finally receiving the recognition it deserves. It's a solution that provides the gastrointestinal relief and daily support your cats and dogs need to help maintain their active lifestyle.

 And, it's a healthy choice that gives you the peace of mind you deserve because you know you're taking the best care of your animals as possible.

 The Answer to Your Pet's Bowel Health That Many Traditional Vets Don't Recognise

 It's a fact: Bowel health is one of the top 10 reasons owners bring their pets to the vet for healthcare.

For years, holistic veterinarians like Dr Karen Becker have argued that supplementing their diet with probiotics is an essential way to help maintain and promote your pet's optimal gastrointestinal health.

With a healthy GI system, your pet can potentially: 

  • Achieve peak strength, fitness and vigour
  • Maximise optimum health and wellbeing no matter what stage of life they're in
  • Fully enjoy a rich life of companionship with you
  • Supporting your pet's gastrointestinal health is a key factor in helping to make sure your pet is living the best life possible.

But traditional vets have long taken a very condescending view of probiotics, claiming that pet probiotics were "ineffective," a "waste of money," and that if taken "they don't even pass through the gastric acids in your pet's stomach."

Thankfully, recent studies by traditional veterinarians themselves are supporting what holistic vets have known all along.

 Probiotics Are the Beneficial Healthy Good Bacteria Your Cats and Dogs Need

 In the past two years, exciting new research indicates that a complete pet probiotic can promote: 

  • Overall gastrointestinal maintenance and health
  • Faster promotion of gut health
  • Defence from emotional and physiological stressors
  • Support for pets in less-than-optimal health, such as runts, and shelter animals

How do probiotics do all this wonderful stuff? Let's take a moment to explore the power of probiotics.

The term probiotics originates from the Greek word that means "for life." When ingested, these living microorganisms replenish the microflora in your pet's intestinal tract. This results in the promotion of a number of health-enhancing functions, including enhanced digestive function.

But, why does your pet need these "health-enhancing functions?" The answer is stress.

Just like humans, your pet encounters emotional and physiological stresses everyday and every one of these stresses can potentially affect their GI tract. You see, as the largest immune barrier in their body, the gastrointestinal track bears the brunt of these stresses.

Everything from eating sticks and grass, to dietary changes experienced when being boarded or even just you being gone for the day can rock the delicate balance of good bacteria, which opens the door to less-than-optimal health.

Add to that poor diet choices of highly processed pet foods as well as a stressor-filled environment and you can quickly understand why protecting your pet's immune system, healthy digestion, and overall good health is so important.

 Your Pet's Digestive and Immune Systems Want Your Help

You can help your pet's gastrointestinal tract by supplementing their diet with probiotics that flood their system with beneficial bacteria. You can assist their digestion and nutrient absorption and boost their overall health with a powerful blend of the correct beneficial bacteria strains.

The research is suggesting that probiotic therapy is effective, safe, and a real way to promote total gastrointestinal health. And, that's exactly why traditional veterinarians are finally agreeing that probiotics are beneficial for your pets.

But, as a result, the marketplace has been saturated with pet probiotics. This can make finding the right probiotic a real challenge.  There are three things you should look for in every probiotic...  But Wait... All Pet Probiotics Are NOT Created Equal

Since the number of available pet probiotics seems to grow every day, deciding which product is best for your pets can be very confusing.

If you're like most concerned pet owners, you have many questions of what to look for in a pet probiotic, including: 

How many strains of beneficial bacteria does my pet need? : Probiotics are considered "beneficial" or "good" bacteria. There are many different kinds, or strains, of these bacteria. Each works to create a healthy balance in your pet's gastrointestinal system. Individual strands are helpful for maintaining overall health as well as uniquely responding to the variety of daily stressors, both emotional and physiological, that your pet encounters. Research shows that 10 or more strains are recommended for promoting optimal health.

So, if you find a pet probiotic product has 1-2 strains of bacteria, as is the case with many probiotics available today, that's fine. But, in the opinion of Dr Karen Becker, selecting a probiotic that has 10 or more beneficial strains is a much-preferred option. Why? The more beneficial strains you have in your probiotic, the better able they are to respond to the wide variety of stressors that can affect your pet's GI system. In a moment, we'll see a probiotic that has 14 strains.

How many beneficial bacteria per scoop are best? The potency of your probiotic is very, very important. Knowing how many beneficial bacteria per scoop it has will potentially tell you how effective it can be. Let's take a quick look at a human example to make the point:

As you know, a multivitamin can contain numerous vitamins and minerals, right? But if any of these ingredients are not included in at least the daily recommended allotment, their value may be limited. So you can see that, even if your probiotic contains numerous strands of beneficial bacteria, you need to make sure it also contains a sufficient number of bacteria per scoop.

Many products today contain between 1 and 3 million beneficial bacteria per scoop. This is okay, as any amount of probiotics can be helpful. However, in Karen Becker’s opinion, if you really want to make sure you're promoting optimal health and wellbeing, you can do far better.

Ideally, she believes you’ll want to find a probiotic formula with 20, 30, 40 million or more beneficial bacteria per scoop and the Dr Mercola probiotic for pets contains 38 billion active beneficial bacteria per scoop when used by the expiration date printed on the package.

Are the viability, potency and purity of a probiotic important to know? And if so, how do I assess these factors? Another fabulous question. These factors are definitely important for you to know.

If you care about your pet, you have to know that you can trust exactly what's inside that probiotics bottle.

At best, you don't need to waste your time and money on products that don't have what your pet needs at the recommended potency. At worst, you cannot risk having "something" in there that is impure that could potentially be harmful.

Recent research has shown that many probiotics simply do not live up to their labels. In the over 20 types of probiotics tested in one study, researchers found numerous instances of products that: 

  • Didn't contain at least 10 strains of bacteria
  • Were contaminated with such things as mold
  • Had misspellings of the bacteria included
  • Misidentified the bacteria included with outdated names and/or "nonexistent" strands
  • Had no live bacteria organisms – which are needed to be considered a probiotic at all – and/or did not include the number of live bacteria that could be expected to be contained based on the expiration date

So, how do you assess the viability, potency and purity of a probiotic?

The best way is to find a probiotic that is manufactured in a facility that has received the International certification for meeting or exceeding GMP Requirements.

GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice, regulations require that a manufacturer take proactive steps to help ensure their product is safe, potent, and pure, and that their manufacturing process is technologically adequate to avoid contaminations or errors.

 Having a GMP certification helps ensure that a product is sufficiently potent to be effective and safe. But, how can you tell if a probiotic has a GMP certification?

Since you will often not find this information on the label, you need to do your homework to make sure your selected probiotic has received this certification to help protect your pet by one of the highest standards in dietary supplementation. In a moment, this will be made easier for you by sharing a probiotic with you that has already received this certification...

To recap, as you look for the best in pet probiotics, you're looking for how many (strands) and how much (bacteria per gram), and a product that is produced in a GMP compliant facility, which can help assure viability, potency and purity.

 Complete Probiotics for Pets, a Probiotic Powerhouse that Packs 38 Billion Good Bacteria into EVERY Scoop

With the new Complete Probiotics for Pets, your pet will receive a minimum of 38 billion "good" bacteria in every scoop when used by the expiration date on the package.

Compare that to the competition's offering of 1-3 million and you will realise there's no comparison.

But that's just the beginning of why we are so happy to be able to offer you a complete pet probiotic that puts an end to your search and allows you to feel confident you've made the best choice for your pet.

The remarkable Dr Mercola Complete Probiotics for Pets: 

  • Brings together 14 of the most powerful strains of beneficial bacteria
  • Provides over 38 billion bacteria in every scoop
  • Has earned the GMP Compliance Certification
  • Contains a special blend of the appropriate strains that are most effective for promoting optimal gastrointestinal health in your cats and dogs
  • Is a powerful way for you to help offer your pets a happy and healthy life

 Let's take a look at just a few of the probiotics contained within Complete Probiotics for Pets, including the well-known Bifidobacterium lactis and Bifidobacterium animalis – species that are known to work together to maintain a balance of "good" bacteria along your pet's digestive tract.

 Unlike other probiotics you may have seen, each and every scoop of Complete Probiotics for Pets contains: 

  1. Bifidobacterium lactis: a friendly bacteria often found in yogurt that is known to help stimulate immune responses.
  2. Bifidobacterium animalis: a unique bacteria that promotes optimal health and protection within the digestive tract.
  3. Lactobacillus acidophilus: guards the health of your pet's entire digestive tract.
  4. Bifidobacterium longum: keeps your pet's digestive system running smoothly and helps enhance their immune system.
  5. Bifidobacterium bifidum: helps promote a healthy balance of flora in your pet's intestine. What's more, this organism is especially helpful for enhancing immune response.
  6. Lactobacillus casei: works with other helpful organisms and helps to encourage the growth of other "good" bacteria.
  7. Lactobacillus plantarum: helps to ensure that the nutrients in vitamins and supplements are getting to your pet's cells.

 Add to this three more potent strains and you can see why Karen Becker is even more impressed with this concentrated pet probiotic formula. 

  1. Lactobacillus rhamnosus: assists your pet's elimination and occasional intestinal discomfort by working to stabilize their intestinal microflora.
  2. Lactobacillus bulgaricus: works with other Lactobacillus strains to provide your pet with a potential source of dietary antioxidants.

The end result is you get 38 billion bacterial "buddies" ready to help support your pet's digestive tract and promote a natural balance of bacteria to this all-important area of their body.

 Can Any Other Probiotic Nourish and Support Good Bacteria Like This? 

As you know so well, there is nothing quite like a healthy pet. Probiotics can put your pet on the path to better health as long as you choose one that delivers all that it claims. However, as we have shown you, not all pet probiotics on the market are created equal.

Probiotic bacteria found in today's products vary significantly in composition, biological activity, and portion. Plus, as you've learned, how a product is manufactured can make a huge impact on its potency and, therefore, effectiveness.

More Reasons Why Complete Probiotics for Pets is so good

If you need more reasons to see why Complete Probiotics for Pets is the right choice for you and your pets, check out these additional benefits: 

  • Maintains your pet's ideal "good" to "other" bacteria ratio by promoting the optimal environment for the growth of good bacteria
  • Supports your pet's production of B vitamins, especially folic acid and biotin, and vitamin K
  • Promotes mineral absorption
  • Supports protein and carbohydrate digestion via probiotic enzymes
  • Aids metabolism and the removal of toxins
  • Helps your pet maintain appropriate bowel transit time
  • Supports your pet's immune system function by helping them remove toxins
  • Produces lactic acid for support of digestive processes and colon pH balance
  • Supports normal immune response
  • Helps promote oral health

 Now that you see all the compelling benefits of Complete Probiotics for Pets, we know you're itching to get your hands on this amazing product.

 Suggested Daily Use (follow instructions as detailed on label)

Cats (2+llbs): Maintenance 1g (1/2 scoop). Therapeutic dose: 2 g (1 scoop)

Toy Breed Dogs (up to 14lbs): 2g (1 scoop). Therapeutic dose: 4g (2 scoops)

Small Breed Dogs (up to 15-29lbs): Maintenance dose: 3 gram daily (1½ scoops). Therapeutic dose: 6 grams daily (3 scoops).

Medium Breed Dogs (30lbs – 49 lbs): Maintenance dose: 4 grams daily (2 scoops). Therapeutic dose: 8 grams daily (4 scoops).

Large Breed Dogs (50 – 79 lbs): Maintenance dose: 5 grams daily (2½ scoops). Therapeutic dose: 10 grams daily (5 scoops).

Giant Breed Dogs (80+ llbs): Maintenance dose: 6 grams daily (3 scoops). Therapeutic dose: 12 grams daily (6 scoops).

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