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Mnandi means “delicious” in isiZulu, the language of the Zulu people of South Africa. But that was a bit of a mouthful, so they dropped the ‘m’ and called their Company Nandi.

Nandi expresses both their origin and heritage, and the fact that they make the most delicious looking, smelling and tasting pet treats available.

Nandi treats are special because they are:

  • sourced from unique African proteins - including ostrich
  • The protein sources are free from hormones and routine antiobiotics, as well as without artificial preservatives, added grains or unnatural fillers, making these dog treats incredibly healthy and nutritious for your pet
  • All ingredients are human grade
  • Their treats are only sourced from farmers who share core values and who follow the highest standards of food safety, quality and ethics. Their ingredient tracking system means they can trace ingredients back to their source.
  • only natural ingredients are used and the treats are processed as little as possible

The pure, wild delight experienced by your pet every time you give them a Nandi treat, will be all the proof you’ll even need of the promise in our name.