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Serendipity Herbals / The Neem Team

Serendipity Herbals (also known as the Neem Team) was founded in 2003 and are specialist suppliers of herbal neem based products for animal use (as well as human use with creams and body lotions) that are soothing, healing and act to deter fleas ticks & mites. The owner, Julie, having come from a scientific background (17 years as a Biomedical Scientist) was intrigued to discover more about Neem, and began her own research project and a veritable 'journey of discovery' began!

Although the Western world has been largely unaware of Neem, Indian culture has been reaping the benefits for over 4000 years. Not only was Neem recognised for its ability to perform as a naturally 'soft' pesticide, it had a wide range of beneficial properties and many anecdotal claims are now supported by scientific studies. There is a huge amount of information freely available in the public domain, should you wish to conduct your own research. EU legislation does not permit us to give further details of these findings on this website.

Serendipity Herbals decided to source a range of tried and tested formulations which adhered to the standards demanded in the UK in terms of Quality Assurance, Organic or ethically produced raw materials, and avoidance of unnecessary chemical additives.

They continue to this day to specialise in researching and offering discerning customers the very best in neem.